Peer Review Policy

All manuscripts are subject to peer review and are expected to meet the rigorous standards of academic excellence. Authors may provide names of three potential peer reviewers and include their e-mail addresses and other contact information. Authors may also request to not send their article to any potential reviewers for peer review because of conflict of interest. Note that the final selection of reviewers will, however, be made by one of the editorial staff, which may or may not include reviewers suggested by the author. 

All papers submitted for publication will be immediately subjected to editorial scrutiny, usually in consultation with members of the Editorial staff. The assigned editor makes an initial decision to send the manuscript out for peer review or to reject without external review. As a condition of agreeing to review the manuscript, all reviewers undertake the responsibility to keep submitted manuscripts and associated data confidential, and not to redistribute them without permission from the journal. Although every effort is made to ensure reviewers honor their promise to ensure confidentiality, we are not responsible for the conduct of reviewers. Reviewers should be aware that it is our policy to keep their names confidential, and that we do our utmost to ensure this confidentiality.  Peer-reviewers will submit their reports via our secure online system by following the link provided in the editor's email.